Drewco Workholding

How is DREWCO able to guarantee short, repeatable lead times?

DREWCO realizes that long lead times are typical in our industry for custom workholding devices . We decided to do something about that. We examined all the processes invovled from order entry to order fulfillment. We then reengineered our processes using Theory of Constratints methods to guarantee lasting, repeatable, short delivery times.

What is the Theory of Constraints?        

It is a management approach that focuses on identifying and remedying the constraints that limit an organization's ability to reach a higher level of goal attainment.  As an extension of Optimized Management Theory, you manage just the bottleneck in a manufacturing process and thus by identifying that constraint, you can manage the scheduling of an entire system and know where to improve the process.

The Theory of Constraints is a philosophy that focuses the resources of an organization on improving the performance of the constraint that affects the process under review. It is an approach to solve constraints and problems in a logical way by building a logic chart of the problem, finding its roots, and developing steps to remove the root of the problem. TOC methods are used by managers and administration personal to improve the performance of their companies.

In layman's terms, a process like a chain, can only be as productive as its weakest link. The weak link paces the output. To improve the output, the weakest link must be improved.

DREWCO has applied these principles to collet manufacturing and the result is... FastCollets.

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