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About Us

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Industrial factory worker or service engineer operating cnc turning lather machine at factory in metal machining industry
Our History

70+ Years in the Business

After Drew passed away, Drewco was sold and then later purchased by Ann and Richard Pettibone in 1987 from a Michigan firm, bringing the ownership back to Wisconsin. Interestingly, there was a Pettibone family connection to Drewco in its earliest years.
Shortly after purchasing Drewco, Richard Pettibone, a mechanical engineer, began to expand the line of custom workholding products. He increased the type of both durable and perishable workholding tooling, and due to customer requests, he also added the designing and building of machining center fixtures.
A second generation of Pettibones are now with Drewco. In the last several years, two out of Richard and Ann’s four sons, who grew up on the shop floor and started out by cleaning machines as teenagers, have taken positions at the company. Ryan Pettibone joined in 2007 after attaining his business degree and is Drewco’s production manager. Andy Pettibone is Drewco’s sales project manager and an AMT Certified Manufacturing Technology Sales Engineer, who moved his sales career to Drewco in 2012.

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