Grinding Fixtures

Grinding Fixtures Precision Capabilities

Drewco designs and manufactures grinding fixtures of all shapes and sizes.

Our extensive workholding knowledge and a staff with decades worth of precision grinding experience, means that we have the knowhow to create your grinding workholding solutions for you.

Drewco, is an expert in this field, when holding microns on a tough component, give us a call to help bring the accuracy and the repeatability you need to hit that tolerance time in time again.

Examples of Our Grinding Fixtures

Our precision grinding fixtures include tooling used to finish grind:

  • Gear bores
  • Ball nuts
  • Steering components
  • Medical components

Additional Information Capabilities

At Drewco we design and build 80% of what we make. We are not an off the shelf company. We use our considerable experience to rapidly create workholding to meet your company’s production, budgetary and ROI needs. We do not try to match our product to your solution; instead, we design our fixtures to meet your specific solution.