custom Collets Drewco is an Industry Leader in Designing and Manufacturing Collets

Drewco is a collet manufacturer with original and patented collet designs, and over 70 years of experience. We make custom collets according to your application and production requirements.

We make a wide variety of types and sizes of custom collets for clamping on outside diameters, inside diameters, or to accommodate non-cylindrical shapes. We make collets to go into our original fixture designs and we make replacement collets for any of your existing fixtures.

Benefits of Drewco Collets:

  • Designed for specific applications
  • Incorporate proprietary grip force calculations
  • Manufactured from project specific steels
  • Created for durability and longevity and repeatability
  • Precision ground

Examples of Our Collets

51835-1 (2) TRANSP copy

i.D. Collets

Our single and double taper ID collets grip on the internal diameter of parts being manufactured. They hold parts with internal diameters ranging from under .5" to 24".

52318-1-3 TRANSPA copy

Splined Diameter Collets

Splined collets grip on the internal or external diameter of a splined part. They are often used to hold gears and drivetrain components. They are regularly designed and built by Drewco and address a wide variety of tooth forms to grip the pitch diameter of a part most effectively.

51512A-5 collet and drawpin transpa

c style Collets

C-style collets are fixed at one end and slotted to expand and grip the part on the other end.

Drewco makes c-style collets with threaded or quick release designs.


O.D. Collets

We manufacture a wide range of collets that grip on the outside or external diameter of the part being held. Our single or double tapered OD collets regularly grip parts with ODs. ranging from .25" to over 20”, they are designed to accommodate specifically required grip lengths.

segmented transpa

segmented Collets

Unlike other collets that are designed with an intact web between their sections, segmented collet sections are completely separated in the manufacturing process and rejoined with a rubber sealant compound. Drewco’s collets accurately clamp cylindrical bores in a wide range of diameters.

Additional Information Capabilities

  • We design and build, build to print or reengineer to your needs. Drewco can replace collets originally manufactured by virtually anyone.
  • We regularly expand existing fixture capabilities by designing additional collets to hold new part sizes.