Custom Products

What We Do Workholding Design & Solutions

Customization and Communication
At Drewco, customization is key. Our engineers analyze your project with a holistic view, listening to your requirements and manufacturing a relationship with you as the client, as well as helping you manufacture your parts.

We don’t just offer you a product but we focus on how to maximize your investment.

Additional Services Design and Refurbishing Services

Deliverables and Design

Drewco provides you with valuable deliverables-

When possible, we design with versatility in mind so the fixtures you are requesting can be flexible in case you need to expand in the future.

Complete drawings and layout books with proprietary information and dimensions for your reference are available.

Refurbish and Repurpose

If you are looking to extend the life of your existing workholding equipment-

Drewco also applies our proven quality, principles, and experience to refurbishing fixtures and fixture components. Our engineers can assess if your existing equipment can be reworked, and we can add components to your machine for a cost-effective method of maintaining or adding versatility to your fixtures.

We can also provide documentation services and create a library of your company’s workholding fixtures so you can fully utilize the tooling you already own.