Machining Center Fixtures

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Drewco is an experienced manufacturer machining center fixtures, from hydraulic, pneumatic, and turnkey applications. Our fixtures maximize the production of machined parts, and our team of engineers can assess your project to ensure that the machine parts are stable and dimension tolerances are creating maximum efficiency.

Drewco can reduce process machine time, cycle time per part and cost per part.

We ensure process repeatability by implementing:

  • Part position air sensing
  • Robot loading clearance and integration
  • Operator ergonomics and safety
  • Chip control
  • Robust designs

Examples of Our Machining Center Fixtures

Drewco offers the following machining fixture workholding:


Drewco can ensure longer uptime, capabilities for rotary table loading multiple components and production of more facets in a single operation.


Tombstone fixtures need to be agile and scalable. Drewco’s tombstone designs facilitate faster installation, changeover, and more efficient coordination with automated systems.

Additional Information Capabilities

Drewco’s machining capabilities include:
  • Clamp and indexer centering
  • Better integration of hydraulics and sensors
  • Bore equalising
  • Multiple load balancing
  • Increased part retention and room for expanding collets
  • Quick change nests for multiple extrusions
  • More accurate steering racks