Chucks Ever Evolving Capabilities

For over seven decades, companies in industries like agriculture, earth moving, and mining, as well as major automotive companies and automotive tier-one suppliers, have trusted Drewco to design and build the chucks that hold their parts.

Unlike other chuck providers, where custom chucks are a small part of their off-the-shelf businesses, we clean sheet our chuck designs to your workpiece and production requirements. They can be mounted vertically, horizontally, or inverted. Activation methods include manual, mechanical, pneumatic, and hydraulic.

We design to:

  • Ensure precision clamping
  • Meet an extensive variety of part requirements
  • Balance grip force requirements while minimizing part deformation

Examples of Our Chucks

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Collet Chucks

We Are a Leading Collet Chuck Manufacturer. Drewco has designed and manufactured custom collets chucks for 70+ years and we have seen it all. Our founder, Ed Drew, created patented collet chucks designs and Drewco continually evolves our collet chuck capabilities.  Our expertise is the best you will find, we welcome your collet chuck questions and challenges.

DREWCO specializes in supplying custom collet chucks for workholding needs, whether you need an ID collet chuck or an OD collet chuck, we offer workpiece grip diameter up to 32 inches in diameter.

Advantages of Collet Chucks
A collet chuck’s advantage over other chucking systems is that it combines the following desirable traits into one chuck for repeatable part production:

  • The part is self-centering
  • The chuck provides a strong, uniform clamping force
  • The workpiece can be machined to a high level of accuracy
  • Loading times can be very short
  • They are excellent for thin-walled parts
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Hydraulic Chucks

The solid expansion sleeve design of Drewco hydraulic chucks offer greater grip force and accuracy than other styles of chucks. Our hydraulic chucks are often used in high-precision machining like grinding or used in confined areas where manual closure would be difficult.

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Diaphragm Chucks

Diaphragm chucks provide significant clamping force and accuracy by forcing a diaphragm open, inserting a part, and allowing the diaphragm to close. A variety of jaws and cages can be designed to accommodate a significant range of part sizes.

eccentric chuck

Eccentric Chucks

Drewco makes eccentric chucks meant for applications with off-center turning. These chucks have a variable axis setting capacity and allow for irregular turning with highly accurate incremental adjustments.

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Special Use Chucks

Custom special use chucks can be designed with less limitations and faster changeover for special-purpose chucking such as smaller bars, surface irregularities, or the need to swivel or equalize a part.

Additional Information Capabilities

Consider contacting us at the beginning of your new project or when looking to improve a current process. We offer free consulting and enjoy helping our customers work through their project requirements to help them create a superior outcome. We can custom design chucks to fit various applications, such as:

  • Reduce operator error,
  • Shorten set-up times
  • Offer cost-effective solutions for niche applications,
  • Provide grip accuracy in the ten thousandths of an inch range.

Drewco can also provide replacement collet chucks components regardless of the original manufacturer, or offer designs improvement ideas for existing workholding fixtures and processes.