Lathe Fixtures

Lathe Fixtures Custom Designed for your Application

Drewco knows that finish part quality is a result of workholding rigidity and accuracy.
Drewco’s lathe chucks offer a firmer hold on your workpieces and better concentricity. Drewco fixtures clamp reliably and deliver machining accuracy and continuous, efficient production. Investing in a customized workholding setup from Drewco ensures all your parts are properly secured during machining regardless of their shape or size.

Examples of Our Lathe Fixtures

Our lathe fixtures are custom designed for your application.

We create practical chucks for regular as well as irregular shaped parts, and accurate measurement on chucks that do not self-center, making your operator’s job easier.

Additional Information Capabilities

We regularly design custom lathe fixtures for:
  • Engine components: Pistons, Cylinder liners, & Crank shafts
  • Drive shaft yokes
  • Tubes of all kinds: large, small thick and thin
  • HSK and CAT taper blanks
  • Electric motor frames
  • Rocket bodies
  • Impellers

Our lathe fixtures are also used for hard turning and can be manufactured to fine balanced.