Arbors and Mandrels

Hydraulic arbors We manufacture custom arbors to suit your needs

Benefits of Drewco Arbors:

  • Improved cycle time
  • Superior centering/gripping power for reliability
  • Competitively priced
  • Faster delivery times
  • Refurbishing programs with quick turn-around times

Drewco manufactures custom arbors and mandrels. Drewco’s arbors offer the repeatability and accuracy needed to locate and hold your work. Our arbors and mandrels are also frequently used in gear production, inspection, machining, and assembly applications. In addition to designing and building arbors, Drewco can extend the life of your arbors by refurbishing our own arbors and those of other manufacturers.

We share our extensive experience to help you achieve your production goals. Drewco can:

  • Make recommendations of arbor type based on your applications
  • Share our material and heat treat knowledge, and perform FEAs
  • Provide arbors with dependability and process accuracy

Examples of Our Arbors and Mandrels

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Collet Arbors / Collet Mandrels

Collet arbors are also called collet mandrels or expanding mandrels. When the application requires a large expansion range, and we frequently recommend this cost-effective type of arbor. Drewco designs collet arbors with significant versatility, making our collet arbors a convenient, efficient, and cost-effective way to run different part sizes.

Ewie SK8978 03 copy

Hydraulic Expanding Arbors

Drewco creates highly accurate hydraulic arbors. This most accurate type of arbor allows for considerable precision capable of holding up to .0001 TIR. Drewco designs hydraulic arbors to hold gears, for use in tooth cutting, milling and inspection with proven dependability, and uniform expansion or compression. We offer highly competitive pricing, short lead time and an in-house refurbishing program.

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Hob Arbors

Hob arbors, sometimes called hobbing fixtures, hold hob cutters while they cut the gear tooth profile. Drewco’s specialty in tight tolerance grinding allows us to create a tight clearance fit with minimal runout. Our custom hob arbors can be designed fit your hob machine through either, a pilot diameter, a cat taper or an HSK connection.

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Solid Arbor

The shaft of a solid arbor is ground to the clearance fit of the bore diameter of the part being held. This clearance can be as little as 0.0002” depending on the tolerance of the bore diameter and the accuracy required. Solid workholding arbors can be a useful solution for parts with small-diameter bores, where the small-bore diameter might prohibit using an expanding arbor /mandrel.

Additional Information Capabilities

Drewco refurbishes hydraulic arbors and offers repair and reconditioning services for our own arbors as well as those of other manufacturers.