Who we serve A quick overview of industries served

At Drewco Workholding, our experience and flexibility set us apart.
Our engineering team supplies the major manufacturing industries, such as aerospace, automotive, energy, defense, mining, and agriculture, and the gear industry. Our goal is to maximize cycle time and increase efficiency.

Our Drewco team works with:

  • OEMs,
  • Tier One Suppliers,
  • Machine Tool Builders
  • Commodity Buyers.

Gear Generation

At Drewco we are experts in holding gears. We make gear fixtures for hobbing and grinding, skiving, shaping, shaving and tooth milling. We work with you to create the precision and accuracy you need.

Earth Moving

We have been producing workholding for the major agricultural and earthmoving equipment companies for decades.


Drewco understands the balance between consistency and customization needed to manufacture aerospace equipment.


In this industry of large, high-impact equipment, we often see and meet the need to address short production runs of families of part sizes. We are experts at designing flexible fixturing to meet these needs.


The automotive industry has a breadth of parts, and Drewco makes fixtures for repetitive or high-volume parts manufacturing, and creates customization for tapered or irregular pieces.

Electric Motor

Electric motors are the future. We have been building fixtures for this industry for years and continue to evolve our designs as the field moves forward.


Hallmarks of workholding in the energy industry range from parts with small, precise features to larger wind turbine components with the ability to control tight tolerances. Drewco enjoys working in this growing industry.


Drewco is honored to service our nation’s defense industry and proud to meet their distinctive design requirements.