What we Do Refurbishing and Repurpose

Purchasing a new fixture is not always necessary. Redesigning, modifying, and refurbishing are cost-effective way to improve, and expand tooling function and tooling life. Many different types of workholding can be refurbished and/or repurposing including arbors and mandrels, collets, chucks, and whole machining center fixtures.

  • Arbors and Mandrels
    Arbors and mandrels can lose clamp force overtime and develop runout, which negatively affects part quality and tool life. This can also increase setup time. Drewco refurbishes arbors and mandrels returning them - in many cases, to like-new condition.
  • Hydraulic Arbors
    Drewco replaces seals, fluid, and recharges hydraulic arbors.
    Out-of-tolerance hydraulic arbors can be unassembled, refurbished with replacement parts and requalified.
  • Solid Arbors
    Can be chromed and reground, improving performance quality.
  • Chucks and Machining Center Fixture
    Drewco can recreate missing print dimensions or re-design new components, to produce replacement parts save your company valuable time and money.
  • Collets
    Collets can become brittle with wear and lose their elasticity. Drewco can reseal collets and resurface collets

Auditing older or worn parts is a vital step in increasing efficiency.

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Fixture Multitasking

We regularly help our customers by repurposing fixtures to add more functionality to existing fixture to enhance manufacturing operations. We can:

  • Add replacement changeover components to expand the number of parts you can run on your fixture
  • Create fewer single-use fixtures, resulting in more floorspace and reduced cost
  • Increase production speeds and decrease set up time.

Additional Information Refurbishing Services

When to consider refurbishing your workholding. When you:

  • Find worn fixturing
  • Notice reduced processing speeds
  • Measure increased runout
  • Identify compromised quality
  • Want to extend the life of your workholding
  • Want to stretch your workholding budget

When to consider retooling, redesigning, modifying, or repurposing your workholding:

  • A production cell is involved in a lean or kaizen program
  • Existing machines need to run a new part or family of parts
  • You need to improve run time
  • You want to reduce setup time
  • Current tooling has poor ergonomics
  • A product design change prompt new tolerancing requirements
  • You need to re-fixture a part to run on it a different machine
  • More floor space is needed

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Drewco is a custom workholding supplier with 70+ years experience and a difference.

Why is Drewco different? We are experts in workholding design solutions and quality manufacturing procedures that lead to your increased productivity in production and we deliver a wide range of custom solutions for any machining operation.


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